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BTC Bakery is situated at Jalan Burung Keleto in Kolombong, Inanam adjoining the BTC Head Quarters. Operating under a hygienically controlled environment it produces a wide range of high quality bakery products. The Bakery is spacious, and is equipped with modern machinery to cater to the high demand. Production is handled by a panel of experienced bakers highly skilled in baking Cakes, Breads and Pastries.

 The baked products are marketed through a chain of retail and wholesale outlets in and around Kota Kinabalu. The products are ‘Halal’ certified and are available in all BTC Canteens, Restaurants and also in many prominent supermarkets.

 Our Policy

  • Serve superior and high quality products.
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing
  • Nutritious, hygienic and Halal certified products


Our Mission

  •  To Produce and market good quality halal Bakery products to all segments of the Sabah Market.

 Our Objectives

 Re-search, Identify, analyze and meet the needs of the small and medium sized industry in every part of Sabah.

  • Utilize BTC Group’s supply chain to reach its existing customers as well as those of identified markets.
  • Constantly monitor the efficiency of our supply chain, logistic and human resources to ensure that products reaching the customers are fresh, hygienic and at reasonable prices, and at the quickest possible time.
  • Constantly monitor the production capacity of the Bakery to ensure that the market demand for the various items could be met smoothly.
  • The Bakery product is also be marketed through Pasaraya BTC which sells a whole range of consumer products.

 Our Product Range

  •  Cakes & Pastries : a range of beautifully designed delicious Halal-based cakes and pastries that are great for any occasion.
  • Cupcakes & Macarons : delicately prepared cupcakes and macarons to be the star of your party.
  • Bread & Buns : A variety of Breads and Buns from health-based items to normally consumed products ranging from spicy to sweet buns.

 Our Services


  • Now you can have our deliciously baked products delivered to your party on any day of the week. Big or small we do them all. Our custom-made products can add to the overall success of your special occasions. All you need to do is simply call us and we will be there for next moment to serve you to your heart’s content.


Contact Info

 To buy or to get more information about our products you may contact:

 Puan Aishah James Abdullah

 Telephone : +6088 – 439 787 / +6088 – 437 928


Fax : +6088 – 437 600


Mobile : +6016-811 7181



Success Factors

  • Serve high quality products that are superior in quality

  • Reasonable and competitive pricing

  • Produce high quality, nutritious, clean and Halal products

Marketing Objectives

BTC Bakery is established with the aim of developing the small and medium sized industry by providing raw material to the dormant local market. Stability is definitely guaranteed as the local market is consistent.


  • Provide good quality breads, pastries and cakes that are Halal and reasonably priced.

  • Expand business coverage to serve the entire Malaysian market.

BTC Bakery

BTC Bakery, a subsidiary of BTC Corporation Sdn Bhd, produces and supplies various types of breads, pastries and cakes to canteens, retailers, suppliers and medium industry throughout Malaysia. Our products are clean, nutritious, high quality and certified Halal.

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Puan Aishah James Abdullah (T) +6088-439787 / +6088-437928 / (F)+6088-437600 / (M)+6016-8117181